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Since 1865, systemic barriers have been put in place to oppress people of color in America. The Shine Hard Family is here to change that reality for the next generation.

Our mission is to close the racial wealth gap in America. We do this by providing role model visibility for every vertical, transferring knowledge to create a blueprint for success, and intentionally connecting minority leaders to foster economic empowerment.

By recognizing phenomenal people of color in every industry, we make each profession more visible and realistic for the next generation of young black leaders.

By connecting black millennial leaders more intentionally,
we are a linchpin for collaboration and economic empowerment within the influencer community.

By bringing black millennial leaders directly to the community, we provide role models and blueprints that accelerate the success of the next generation.

We are a tax-exempt org under IRS section 501(c)(3)

We are proud to recognize ShineHard. Your hard work and dedication has earned you the admiration of the MSE organization as well as your peers. We salute your achievements and look forward to your future accomplishments.
— Community Relations, Washington Wizards
The interview series is amazing. If this is any indication of your work in the community, then we have a lot to look forward to.
— Public Relations, ASPiRE TV

What we've achieved 

with the help of our amazing supporters, donors and partners

  • Created a platform to recognize and celebrate 84 black millennial leaders.
  • Inspired 100,000+ website visitors through The ShineHard Conversation.
  • Educated 1,500 students & graduates through community programming.
  • Acquired 28,000 followers on social media and 3,500 mailing subscribers.
  • Formed 25 partnerships with schools, companies, and local nonprofits
  • Raised $20,000+ through the contributions of 350+ donors via crowdfunding.

Without access to role models and professional development, the students in our community risk not going to college, remaining underemployed, and remaining unaware of empowering entrepreneurial opportunities. 

Since 2014, our programs have helped millennials discover their passion, gain invaluable mentors, accelerate career readiness, and fully understand the variety of professional opportunities that are available to them in the millennial era and beyond.

Our programs also provide platforms for today's top black millennial leaders to educate and inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.



Johnny Bailey    Executive Director

Johnny Bailey
Executive Director

Jasmine Watson  Human Resources

Jasmine Watson
Human Resources

Terence Baptiste   Legal Advisor

Terence Baptiste
Legal Advisor

Nicole Logan   Events

Nicole Logan

Londen Mance   Member Services

Londen Mance
Member Services

Travis Ellison   Multi-Media

Travis Ellison

Taj Brown   Operations

Taj Brown

Kheyra H.  Digital Marketing Strategist

Kheyra H.
Digital Marketing Strategist

Alex Hill   Talent Recruitment

Alex Hill
Talent Recruitment

Kadeem Pilgrim   Campus Ambassador

Kadeem Pilgrim
Campus Ambassador

LaMonte Thomas   Member Services

LaMonte Thomas
Member Services

Tyler Logan   Events

Tyler Logan

Karla C.   Executive Assistant

Karla C.
Executive Assistant

Siera   Lawrence   Communications

Siera Lawrence

The Press

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Hampton University

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NBT Movement

Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards

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Speak Life Tour



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Views | Dreamer

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