5 Things Successful People Have In Common


By: @1JohnnyBailey | Social Entrepreneur

Compiling countless interviews with and years of personal study, I've noticed a few fascinating things about the attributes of achievement.

It’s clear that productive people have certain characteristics in common and I'm here to share them with you! Success is not hard, it’s mastering successful behaviors that is inherently challenging…

5 Things Successful People have in common

#1 Powerful Positive Attitude.

This covers Faith, Forgiveness, Patience, Persistence, & Choice. These attributes make up attitude. A positive attitude keeps us calm and composed when faced with unexpected adversity. We are constantly tested by outside factors; Attitude is the direction you choose when approaching the "how will I respond?" fork in the road. We must all choose a direction time and time again. A bad attitude is simply the result of a person who unconsciously defaults in the wrong direction. Your Attitude is your direction in the ocean in which your ship will sail. Stay poised; still waters run deep.

#2 Written Goals with plans to reach them.

Goals and Values are your Map & Compass. These hypothetical destinations give us direction in life. You know where you are going and you’re able to make conscious decisions with your destinations in mind. 

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#3 Courage to Act.

Courage is muscle behind your oars & the wind beneath your sails. Successful people are intensely action-oriented! Successful people get out in the water and explore the unknown. The fear of rejection must be thrown overboard immediately. That W you want so desperately is subtly tucked behind that L you're so afraid to take. Always remember that Fate Favors the Fearless. 

#4 Habits aligned with Goals.

Your daily behaviors are like strokes in the water. If your habits contradict your goals, guess what? You are rowing in an opposite direction! If you know where you want to be, do things[big or small] every single day to move in the right direction. This strategy will activate the Compound Effect. Consistent strokes toward your destination will get you where you want to be. 

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#5 LOVE what they are doing.

Pleasure in work is fuel in reserve. When people are tired, stressed and in the middle of nowhere [a place where we all go and most people quit], Successful People use PASSION to kick home and win. Energy is restored to those that use the energy that they have. Do what you love & let ‘Plan B’ walk the plank. 

Bonus: Emotional Perseverance.

Remember, ships don’t sink because of the water around them. Ships sink because of the water that gets IN them. Never assume and Don't take anything Personal. Meaning: Don’t let what happens around you get inside of you and weigh you down. 

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