How The Word "Serve" Changed Everything.

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By asking we receive so little.
By serving we receive so much.

By: @1JohnnyBailey | Social Entrepreneur 

When you read the quote above, what comes to mind? Does it make any sense? Does it sound silly? When I first heard my mentor Jim Rohn say this in 2012, I mulled over it for weeks. I was trying to figure out how spinning my wheels for other people could possibly get ME anywhere. I thought being a talented person with a great idea would be enough. I assumed people would see my vision and eagerly cooperate if I asked them. "Just ask." right? Ha! Well... Rule #1 Never Assume.  

Finally, after a few more hours of study and a couple episodes of Shark Tank (lol), the complex meaning of this quote hit me in a very profound way! This concept is a fundamental principle of business and networking! If you want people to consistently buy FROM you or happily work WITH you, it's absolutely IMPERATIVE that you understand this concept. Ok, now allow me to spell it out plainly...

It's in our primitive human nature to think primarily (and for some only) about ourselves, our survival, and our desires. Which has a lot of people attempting to self serve their way to success. Taking, Taking, Taking, and trying to keep everything they get. Maybe it's because of our capitalistic society or maybe it's simply our selfie-ish way of life. Not sure exactly, but what I do know is Money, Blood, and Opportunity must circulate for long term survival.. 

With primitive human psychology in mind, we know that; Everyone needs motivation to take action and every single person you pitch to is subliminally wondering, "Yeah, but what's in it for ME?" (WIIFM). The intimation is that we are much more likely to persuade, inspire, and mobilize other people when we take action with OTHER PEOPLE'S interest in mind, not just our own. Any and Every proposition you make should include an offer not just a request. The KEY is to weave what others want into what YOU want. To "Serve" means you are a weaving wonder. The difference between great and average is, "How well do I understand the desires, fears, and goals of my audience?"

I put this concept to use January 2014 and collaboration has never been easier. If you help enough people get what they want you can have everything you want. Ask yourself, "How Can I Add Value?" Add me on Twitter and let me know your thoughts and results.

This message was originally discussed in the #ShineHardDaily.

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