Closing the wealth gap



Since 1865, systemic barriers have been put in place to oppress people of color in America. The Shine Hard Family is here to change that reality for the next generation.

Our mission is to close the racial wealth gap in America. We believe that the lack of diversity, collaboration, and mentorship is stifling the earning potential of black millennials and Gen Z’ers. Our programs are engineered to empower the next generation of young black leaders.

We make change by providing role model visibility for every vertical. Transferring knowledge from one generation to the next. Providing a blueprint for financial success, and intentionally connecting minority business leaders to foster economic empowerment.

We are a tax-exempt organization under IRS section 501(c)(3)

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We are Innovators, Artists, Dreamers and Entrepreneurs who work here:


Our Programs


The Conversation

The Conversation is a collection of interviews that provide the blueprints needed to shine in any industry. During these conversations, we sit down with the nation's top black millennial leaders to break down the barriers to entry in underrepresented industries and reveal each influencer's secrets to their personal success. 

The SummiT

The Summit is our annual conference. An interactive weekend that impacts 250+ millennials through workshops, panels and keynotes. This event serves as a transformative incubator for young people who seek to learn new skills, grow their network, and ultimately impact the world.                  

The Daily

The Daily is a daily text message sent straight to your phone every weekday [M-F]. The Daily delivers thought-provoking quotes by our Executive Director, Johnny Bailey. These daily messages will inspire you to action, elevate your perspective, and help you get more of what you want out of life.



The Coaching is our approach to empowering the ambitious entrepreneurs in the community. By offering direct and consistent access to the busy millennial leaders in our network, we can intensively impact young lives, black businesses, and bank accounts.

Event recaps

In partnership with local companies and institutions, we curate the best and brightest influencers to lead talks, design experiences, and collaborate directly with our community.


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Charity Events include mixers, sporting events, award ceremonies raising money to recognize Black Millennial Leaders improving communities across the country.

Our partners

Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas and support are helping us empower the next generation.


The Conversation

building a canon of work with jon jackson


Johnny Bailey sits down with Jon Jackson, 2019 Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellow at Harvard University and Co-Founder of Blavity Inc., to discuss avoiding Sunk Cost Theory in search of new alignment. Jackson also speak on James Baldwin and how to build a personal runway on the journey to success and entrepreneurship.

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The ShineHard Summit is an annual  weekend conference that was created to fulfill our commitment to increasing career readiness of black graduates and increase diversity in the workplace. This annual summit serves as an outstanding opportunity for ambitious individuals to enhance their professional careers and network with influential movers and shakers across multiple industries.

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Without access to role models and professional development, the youth in our community risk not going to college, remaining underemployed, and being unaware of empowering entrepreneurial opportunities. Our programs provide a platform for today's leaders to educate and inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in Washington D.C. and beyond.


ShineHard  Coaching

Everyone has greatness within — are you ready to unlock yours? With our exclusive ShineHard Coaching services, you'll learn how to do the following things and more

  • Learn how to make money and acquire resources.
  • Grow your business and your social network.
  • Cultivate an inspiring personal brand.

The Daily

Sign up for The ShineHard Daily, and you’ll receive a daily message Monday through Friday with thought provoking quotes by our Founder and Executive Director, Johnny Bailey. These special 140 characters are sure to inspire you to take action, elevate your perspective and help you start your morning off right! 

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ShineHard CAPS

When you purchase a ShineHard cap, you are supporting our latest initiative — The Campus Ambassador Program (CAP). In efforts to bridge the gap between busy millennial leaders and the next generation of student leaders, we enlist ambitious campus ambassadors to organize empowering ShineHard events and galvanize classmates.