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Since 2014, our programs have transformed the lives of 1,500 young people and impacted over 80,000 viewers by helping them identify their passion, gain invaluable mentors, accelerate career readiness, and fully understand the variety of professional opportunities that are available to them in the millennial era & beyond.

Our Mission is to recognize and connect the nation’s top black millennial leaders, then unify them to educate and inspire the next generation of African American leaders in our community.

Without access to role models and professional development, the students in our community risk not going to college, remaining underemployed, and completely unaware of empowering entrepreneurial opportunities. Our programs provide platforms for today's leaders to educate and inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

We are proud to recognize Shine Hard. Your hard work and dedication has earned you the admiration of the MSE organization as well as your peers. We salute your achievements and look forward to your future accomplishments.
— Community Relations, Washington Wizards
The interview series is amazing - If this is any indication of your work in the community then we have a lot to look forward to.
— Public Relations, ASPiRE TV

Service Areas

Workforce Development | Education | Cultural

What We've Achieved

  • Created a platform to recognize and celebrate 70 black millennial leaders. 
  • Acquired 5000 followers on social media and 2000 mailing subscribers.
  • Formed 25 partnerships with schools, companies, and local nonprofits.
  • Inspired 60,000 website visitors through The ShineHard Conversation.
  • Educated 1,500 students & graduates through community programming.
  • Raised $9,700 through the contributions of 143 donors via crowdfunding.