the morning routines of 14 millennial high achievers

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What’s the Importance of a Morning Routine? Those who have one say it’s a key element to a more balanced and successful lifestyle.

My pops passed away September 2018 and it took me alllll the way out. Most people probably didn’t notice but I was totally going through the motions. I was unfocused and unmotivated to do important things. My procrastination was leading towards depression and, “there wasn’t enough time in the day.”

When 2019 kicked off, I needed a way to shake things up and get back in my bag. After a week of Youtube binging it low key hit me! I realized my transformation lived in the wee hours of my morning that were going under-utilized. Sooo the answer was simple, “Wake up earlier, practice more self care, plan shit out and be intentional!” My new morning routine put me back in control (reclaiming my time) and I’m inspired to talk about it.

BIG FACT: A few intentional habits can revolutionize your whole life.

The purpose of this project is to improve the Mental Health of our community and increase the Productivity of the millennial generation by focusing on the power of healthy habits.

you are making your mark on the culture.
When they see you they think, “I can do it too!”

Morning Routine Submission Template

Featured High Achiever *
Featured High Achiever

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Your Name is an amazing change maker working for X company. He currently lives in New York, NY. @InstagramHandle

Your Name is an amazing change maker working for X company. He currently lives in New York, NY. @InstagramHandle


What is your morning routine?

I wake up at 4:45am naturally—the Ayurvedic teachings say to wake up around one and a half hours before sunrise. Once I wake up, I spend five minutes or so daydreaming in bed and breathing to acclimate before I touch my phone. Then, I take fifteen minutes to wash up, brush my teeth, etc.

I then do forty-five minutes of yoga, listening to chants and mantras or a mixture of Russian and Tibetan body movement, followed by thirty minutes of advanced breathing. Next, I practice meditation for 30-45 minutes (and sometimes for an hour on the weekend).

I read The New York Times and scan through emails once I’m done with my yoga, breathwork, and meditation, and then I spend twenty minutes on the

Simply Piano app on my iPad—I’m learning to play piano this way. Around the time I’m done playing piano, my daughters, Dalita and Ava (ages four and two) wake up. Sometimes we read a chapter of a book and I make them masala chai(they call it “special tea”); other times we’re simply playful and play hide and seek.

Then I shower and sit with my wife and children while they have breakfast. Sometimes we’ll have a quick play on the gongs because my daughter Ava loves to play with me. She’s two and a half years old and even likes to ride her bike right into the gongs!

How long have you stuck with this routine so far?

My routine started gradually about ten years ago, and I’ve had this latest routine for the past few years.

What time do you go to sleep?

I go to bed at 10:30pm and my eyes are closed between 10:45 and 11:00.

what do you do before bed to make your morning easier?

I meditate and sometimes add on a gratitude meditation. I set up my yoga mat for the next morning. I kiss my daughters goodnight and hug my wife.

ANY ADVICE MORNING FOR those struggling to perfect a routine?

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