“A talented media strategist with a passion for social justice.”

Rashad is currently the Director of Content Development at REVOLT Media & TV, leading the multi-platform network’s content development efforts, including the development and execution of the brand’s social media strategy, content marketing, and innovative programming development. Rashad received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Hampton University with a major in Political Science and a minor in Broadcast Journalism. 

To date, Rashad has produced a number of REVOLT TV’s linear and digital content series and specials, including “#JusticeForFlint”, “Go Further”, “The Local Love Tour”, “Leaders Of The New School: Tech”, “Art Basel: Untitled”, “It Was A Good Day” and others. Rashad is truly passionate about creating disruptive content and services that drive culture.

Prior to his current role, Rashad was the Director of Brand & Integrated Marketing at REVOLT Media & TV. As a digital-first marketer, he helped lead the multi-platform network’s end-to-end marketing and content partnership strategy for advertisers across all of REVOLT’s screens and platforms – broadcast, digital, mobile and social. Rashad’s deep-rooted digital and social experience combined with his traditional marketing skills, resulted in compelling content programs, award-winning consumer-facing national campaigns, and significant ROI for endemic and non-endemic brands.


What Growing up was like for you?

Rashad: The best way to describe it is to talk about my parents. I was born in 87′, neither of them went to college, but in 1985 they started a John Hancock college fund for me. I grew up in Queens, NY and they always had high expectations for me and my younger brother. I grew up in the church and my church family saw good in me before I saw good in myself. That really shaped my life. 


How does it feel to be working in the entertainment industry?

Rashad: It’s cool. Revolt is a very special place! We have the opportunity to do things that other companies just don’t do. We’re able to tell stories that no one else is telling. We’re mostly young people and have a good grasp of the culture. We get to take more chances and try new things. I’ve been here three years, since the beginning and to see where we are now is incredible.

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What was your first job after undergrad?

Rashad: My first job out of Hampton was a part-time job working for Bill Thompson who was running for Mayor. I was his “body guy” (aka special assistant) and was with him everywhere he went. That role wouldn’t have been possible if I hadnt done the other political internships and jobs while in undergrad. They really prepared me for the opportunities that followed. 


What does it mean to be Director of Content Development?

Rashad: My role is to oversee REVOLT’s social media team with a focus on growth, strategy, and engagement. I also oversee some of our original digital content creation. 


What lessons have you learned here at Revolt TV?

Rashad: The best thing I’ve learned is that, “there’s no hand holding.” We’ve built a multi-platform cable network with huge digital and social platforms attached to it. That’s incredible! When you see a problem you raise your hand and say, “here’s the problem and here’s the solution.” We don’t have time to just diagnose here. You gotta do the work. 


What is your passion and when did you know?

Rashad: My passion is really about justice, man. How to make sure everyone gets a fair shot at life! I’m passionate about justice and equality for all. That’s something that’s been instilled in me from the beginning through my grandparents.



What separates those who have turned dreams into a reality vs. those who haven’t?

Rashad: It’s a lot. I could give you the sexy answer and say “Hustle.” but it’s not just that. For many people, it’s finding or creating an opportunity, and learning how to drive on a playing field that is not always even.


What’s your greatest fear?

Rashad: Failing. Not just professionally, but failing in my personal life.


How do you define success?

Rashad: Success is such a subjective concept. Cornell West said, “I want you all to be wildly successful, but he who is greatest amongst you will be a servant. So what is your service to others? What is your depth of love for others? What price are you willing to pay for a deep commitment to justice?” That’s how I measure my success.


What frustrates you the most about today’s culture?

Rashad: Ah, man. The systemic issues that we face and how greed, and the lack of empathy sit at the center of systems that are oppressing people. If we look at mass incarceration, it’s because private prisons are making a certain amount of money or towns are depending on prisons for jobs. That hurts me the most. The fact that the country is willing to make money off of someone else’s pain is extremely frustrating.

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What are 3 attributes that make Rashad Drakeford?

Rashad: I would say service to others, hustle and hard work. I haven’t always been the smartest person in the room, I haven’t always been the most clean cut person in the room, but no one is going to outwork me. That comes from my father and his work ethic. OK, maybe my pops could outwork me...he’s been a ABC camera engineer for 40 years strong.


What advice do you have for people who want to shine in the media industry?

Rashad: Do the hard work now! Take the internship that doesn’t pay you. Figure it out. If you gotta take the internship three days and work at Walmart the other three days, figure it out! Put in the work now. It’s easier than ever; if you want to be a writer, start a blog. If you’re a creative, start a tumblr. Use what you have to show what you can do. There’s so many avenues that will help you break in.




Interested in learning more or connecting with Rashad?

Instagram/Twitter: @RashadDrakeford

Website: www.Revolt.tv

Email: Rashad.drakeford1@gmail.com