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Passion changes everything

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Listen: Without access to role models and professional development, the youth in our community risk not going to college, remaining underemployed, and completely unaware of empowering entrepreneurial opportunities. Our programs provide platforms for today's leaders to educate and inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in Washington D.C. and beyond.

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Karega Bailey  Author/Educator

Karega Bailey

Yvette Lewis  Athlete/Coach

Yvette Lewis

Rob Hill  Author/Speaker

Rob Hill

Ashley Gray  Makeup Artist

Ashley Gray
Makeup Artist

Edwin Jones  Business Consultant

Edwin Jones
Business Consultant

Brittney Mayes  Visual Designer

Brittney Mayes
Visual Designer

Somos Thompson  Social Entrepreneur

Somos Thompson
Social Entrepreneur

Talia Fletcher-Gay  Scientist

Talia Fletcher-Gay

Jae Murphy  Celebrity DJ

Jae Murphy
Celebrity DJ

Traci Deshazor  Politico

Traci Deshazor

Justin Tinsley  Sports Journalist

Justin Tinsley
Sports Journalist

Brittney Carter  Social Media Expert

Brittney Carter
Social Media Expert

Ava-Joye Burnett  News Reporter

Ava-Joye Burnett
News Reporter

Ant Tillman  Photographer/Director

Ant Tillman

Melanie White  Jeweler/Mompreneur

Melanie White

Rob Gordon  Actor/Comedian

Rob Gordon

Lynetta Kizer  Pro Athlete

Lynetta Kizer
Pro Athlete

Will Watson  Visual Artist

Will Watson
Visual Artist

Ebony Robinson  Hair Stylist/Owner

Ebony Robinson
Hair Stylist/Owner

Tay James  Celebrity DJ

Tay James
Celebrity DJ

Noel Harrison  Architecht

Noel Harrison

Chad Easterling  Brand Marketing

Chad Easterling
Brand Marketing

Javicia Leslie  Actress

Javicia Leslie

Brian Davis  Account Executive

Brian Davis
Account Executive

Nate Hopkins  Culinary Artist

Nate Hopkins
Culinary Artist

Tyra B.  Recording Artist

Tyra B.
Recording Artist

Chris Coy  Sports Agent

Chris Coy
Sports Agent

Paris Nicole  Radio Host

Paris Nicole
Radio Host

Roderick Hawthorne  Director/Stylist

Roderick Hawthorne

Ashley Howlett  Corporate Lawyer

Ashley Howlett
Corporate Lawyer

Kyle Johnson  Goldsmith

Kyle Johnson

Dawn Archer  Fitness Instructor

Dawn Archer
Fitness Instructor

Carson Byrd  Social Entrepreneur

Carson Byrd
Social Entrepreneur

Staci Smith  Human Resources Director

Staci Smith
Human Resources Director

Andrew Nguyen  Digital Marketer

Andrew Nguyen
Digital Marketer

Tiffany Garrett  Doctor

Tiffany Garrett