Season 3

Together We Shine

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Listen: Without access to role models and professional development, the youth in our community risk not going to college, remaining underemployed, and completely unaware of empowering entrepreneurial opportunities. Our programs provide platforms for today's leaders to educate and inspire the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs in Washington D.C. and beyond.

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Ryan Boyd  Brand Marketing

Ryan Boyd
Brand Marketing

Candace Burns  News Anchor

Candace Burns
News Anchor

Matt Green  Fitness Enthusiast

Matt Green
Fitness Enthusiast

Emilee Christopher  Education Management

Emilee Christopher
Education Management

Fabian Elliott  Tech CEO

Fabian Elliott
Tech CEO

Dr. Aisha Baron  Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Aisha Baron
Plastic Surgeon

Luke Lawal  Serial Entrepreneur

Luke Lawal
Serial Entrepreneur

Rosecleer Marie  Chef/Food Stylist

Rosecleer Marie
Chef/Food Stylist

Matt Aaron  Financial Advisor

Matt Aaron
Financial Advisor

Alexia Clay  Digital Marketing

Alexia Clay
Digital Marketing

Jeff Tribble  Social Entrepreneur

Jeff Tribble
Social Entrepreneur

Dominique Broadway  Financial Coach

Dominique Broadway
Financial Coach

Rashad Drakeford  Content Development

Rashad Drakeford
Content Development

Valencia Clay  Author/Educator

Valencia Clay

Kian Brown  Coach/Educator

Kian Brown

Marquis Bohannon  Makeup Artist/Owner

Marquis Bohannon
Makeup Artist/Owner